An Uptown Pizza Wine Bar

I have recently ventured down to the Country Club Plaza for a friends birthday bash at Coal Vines Pizza and Wine.

The atmosphere was nice, they had the side doors opened so it had a great breeze, but there was barely anyone in there except for our party and it was like pulling teeth just to get drinks. I understand they are a “new” restaurant, so i’ll give them a break, but seriously?

I decided to get risky and spring for the White Pizza — mozzarella, ricotta, Parmesan and oregano. I’m a carnivore, so I personally thought it was a little bland without any meat. It needed something….extra.

But, I will say that when it had set in the refrigerator overnight it was absolutely delicious cold the next day. I don’t know what happened, but those spices had time to sit and mmmm…good!

It’s a pretty pricey place, but the pizzas are big. We had 2 large pizzas among 4 people in our section and we basically took a whole pizza home.

If you are looking for a different pizza place, try it. But, if you aren’t looking for any artisan pizza, just your plain pepperoni, there are much better/affordable options.

Coal Vines Pizza & Wine Bar on Urbanspoon


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